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Visitor Management Systems are a first line of defence against COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, New Zealand businesses are under more pressure than ever to meet the strict rules set in place while reopening their doors to the public; Sharp's innovative Visitor Management System is built to help.

During these trying times it is essential that visitors to aged care facilities, hospitals and medical centres follow the government’s guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 to residents and staff. Each facility may have their own requirements to keep their staff and patients safe. This could include restricting the number of daily visitors, or only allowing fully vaccinated people to visit. The key measure being that health screening, and assessment of visitors must be completed before entering any facility.

Combining innovative facial recognition technology, contactless visitor registration, and screening functionality, the Sharp Welcome Kiosk not only complies with COVID-19 guidelines set in play by Government, but provides support and peace of mind at a time when safety and strict entry requirements must be maintained.

The Sharp Welcome Kiosk boasts incredible features that allow for visitors to pre-enrol before arrival. The benefit of pre-enrolment enables visitors to quickly and efficiently complete contactless sign in and digital registration using cutting edge facial recognition technology. If the touchscreen is used, it will automatically clean itself using the integrated UV sanitiser. As all visitors must abide by strict screening rules when entering the facility, the Sharp Welcome Kiosk shines; visitors must have their temperature checked by the built in infrared thermometer.

Contactless visitor entry is all well and good, but how can the Sharp Welcome Kiosk help streamline your front of house process and visitor records? Each and every visitor sign is recorded; making the Sharp Welcome Kiosk the ideal solution for complying with contact tracing. You can even receive an SMS message direct to your phone when a new visitor arrives, leaves, or when a returning visitor re-enters the premises. With vaccine passports the new normal, visitor management systems will play a vital role in the streamlining of visitor registration. Sharp's Welcome Kiosk is equipped with a vaccine passport scanner for added efficiency.

If visitors are only allowed access to certain areas of the facility then the Sharp Welcome Kiosk can open doors and print visitor labels to comply with social distancing measures and the specific zoning policy of the facility- taking some of the pressure off staff to monitor numbers of visitors and where they are located. The Sharp Welcome Kiosk offers fully automated site induction and boasts video playback options so that all visitors are not only informed of the guidelines but your message is always communicated consistently – automating the mundane task of assessing new visitors and screening on arrival, and creating time for staff to focus on other tasks. The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is a safer digital receptionist that will reduce the cost of visitor screening, and improve access for visitors.

The world as we know it has changed drastically as a result of COVID-19. If anything, we have learned that we must adapt to change and follow health and safety guidelines in order to protect the community. Advances in technology have allowed for innovative solutions to the world’s problems, enabling vulnerable people and their families to stay connected while maintaining health and safety. The Sharp Welcome Kiosk is built to do just this.

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Seamus O'Dare is Sharp's Marketing Coordinator. Originally from Northern Ireland, he has enjoyed travelling the world and developing a passion for digital marketing and content creation.