Air Purifier Accessories


HEPA & Active Carbon Filters for FU40SEJ Air Purifier

Please consult your dealer for purchase of replacement filters. 

  • HEPA filter: 1 unit 
  • Stamina-power carbon: 1 unit

To ensure you replace filters approximately 5 years after opening, fill in the usage start date of the filters on the Date Label located on the back of the front panel or complete the details registration online and receive a courtesy reminder of when to replace the filters.
However, depending on the usage environment filters may need more frequently replacing if the product is used in a condition significantly more severe than normal household use.

Please dispose of replaced filters according to the local disposal laws and regulations. 
HEPA filter materials: 

  • Filter: Polypropylene
  • Frame: Polyester 
Stamina-power carbon materials: 
  • Deodorizer: Activated charcoal 
  • Frame: Polyester

$ 165.00 NZD