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Finally, business of all sizes can invoice electronically.

New Zealand is transitioning to e-invoicing, a tool that was once only available to large enterprises. But with our finance software suite and a team ready to help, businesses of all sizes can have fast, efficient and error-free invoicing.


Here's why businesses are switching to e-invoicing: 

Reduced Costs

Increased Accuracy 

Fast Processing

Cut Down Errors

Work with reliable support

  Remove Manual Handling 

Improve Business Relations

Prevent Issues & Delays


Financing options for all business sizes and budgets. 

Sharp's e-invoicing is the smart way for your business to get started with automation. We have pricing and packages for all business sizes and budgets. We offer payment financing, making it easy for you to get started without the burden of high costs.  You’re in safe hands.

  Send and Receive

Seamlessly send and receive e-invoices. 

Apply Business Rules

Enhance your workflow by applying business rules, user roles, approval and notification schemes.

Quick Invoice Creation

Create e-invoices quickly and easily with an automated user interface.


Reduce archiving costs. Store your e-invoices without time limits.


Peace of mind with powerful AWS security metrics, with segregated instances, periodic backups and disaster recovery.

Access Anywhere

Access your e-invoice data anytime and anywhere, using any device.


Integrate e-invoicing into SAP, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and any other ERP or accounting system.

...And More

Our e-invoicing’s on-the-go updates and new features keep you up with the play.

We work with organisations large and small to lighten the back office load.

The Trans-Tasman Solution

Our e-invoicing is written to comply with the Australian and New Zealand e-invoicing framework. It works, and always will.


Sharp's e-invoicing is based on high performance, always up-to-date cloud-based technologies.


Our partners have more than 15 years experience in building finance solutions, invoice processing is their home ground.

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